Serviced apartments

August 2019 | Accommodation/Interior photography

This month a client required photography for a portfolio of four serviced apartments in London, each apartment having its own architectural style and interior decor. Serviced apartments aim to provide as close to everything you may need to enjoy your stay as a guest… Read more

Serviced accommodation with champagne upon arrival

Garden photography

July 2019 | Garden/Architectural photography

Summer was always a special time of year for me when growing up; those summer afternoons watching my parents hard at work in the garden, the smell of the freshly watered plants radiating through the warm air, complimented by the soft background melody of the local ice cream van. Read more

Photo of blooming flower

Church Street

June 2019 | Architectural Photography

What we see when we look at architecture is the final rendering on top of a complex skeletal maze of materials, cables and intelligent engineering. What fascinates me as an architectural photographer is what we don’t see when we look at a building. Read more

Architectural exterior property photo

Follow the light

May 2019 | Architectural Photography

As a Commercial Photographer specialising in architecture and interiors, when capturing the exteriors of buildings from a relatively large distance away there is little control over the light. Read more

Modern residential home

Usage Licences

April 2019 | General Photography

With Brexit feeling like a second shadow at the moment, it got me thinking about how decision making, negotiations and agreements have a role to play in the world of photography, in particularly the area of licensing. Read more

Usage licence terms

Spring break

March 2019 | Accommodation Photography

Earlier this month I received a last-minute call to reschedule an interior design photoshoot.  The weather that day was warm and sunny so I decided to spend it exploring and photographing the very scenic and peaceful Chiltern Hills. Read more

Bed with sunflower cushion and pastel colour sheets

Kings Road

February 2019 | Interior Design Photography

This recent job was for a client who contacted me for an interior design photoshoot at a property in St Albans, Hertfordshire. The property featured a newly designed living room/dining area, master bedroom and home office. Read more

Interior design photo of woodland themed bedroom

Brighton Marina

January 2019 | Architectural Photography

With colour accuracy being such an important part of my work, it can sometimes be good to sit back and admire architectural photography in monochrome, to really appreciate the design and construction of a building in a different light. Read more

Architectural monochrome photography in Brighton