Brighton Marina



With colour accuracy being such an important part of my work, it can sometimes be good to sit back and admire architectural photography in monochrome, to really appreciate the design and construction of a building in a different light.

Architectural photography at Brighton Marina of new build apartments


The below photos were taken as part of a job in Brighton back in 2017 to document a new sea-front development at the Marina. My client’s brief was to capture both the interior design and architectural aspects of this development from start to finish, so as you can imagine, there were plenty of trips to the coast that year.

Being part of this project from start to finish allowed for me to be deeply involved with the journey of this coastal development. Watching the layers of construction and the interior design aspects evolve simultaneously makes you realise just how much work goes into creating something on this scale. Capturing the end result of a building is what many architectural photographers enjoy most, however getting your shoes a little muddy along the way to document the journey can be good fun too, not forgetting of course the experience you gain from it. Below are some of the photos I captured showing the mid stages of construction.

Photo of apartment complex on seafront under construction

Photo of construction of apartments at Brighton Marina

Commercial units under construction at Brighton Marina

It didn’t take long for the interior fit out of the ground floor commercial units to be completed either. As you can see when I returned back in 2018 to photograph the finished penthouse suites, the ground floor of the tower now comprises a good selection of restaurant chains.

Opening of new restaurants at Brighton Marina

People walking past new restaurants at Brighton Marina


The middle floors comprise of residential apartments, with some spacious penthouse suites on the top floor offering the best views across Brighton and out over the English Channel. Seeing the photos of these apartments desaturated of colour, allows you to really appreciate the precision design construction that went into the many aspects of the tower. From the curved exterior facades, to the symmetrical placing of windows and somewhat abstract positioning of the balconies, you can really see how it all comes together as one.

Black and white photo of penthouse apartments in Brighton

Black and white photo of residential apartments in Brighton

Black and white photo of apartment balconies in Brighton

Black and white photo showing corner balconies and facade of apartments


I never got to stay in one of the penthouses, but I did manage to capture this image of the marina at sunrise from one of the apartments. This was the final photo I took of the project and to me sums up what all the hard work, early morning starts and long commutes home were (and still are) all about; the calm after the storm shall we say.

Brighton Marina at early sunrise


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