Kings Road



This recent job was for a client who contacted me for an interior design photoshoot at a property in St Albans, Hertfordshire. The property featured a newly designed living room/dining area, master bedroom and home office.

The bedroom was a delight to photograph, helped by it being a bright yet cloudy day which created soft diffused light through the tier on tier window shutters. Often I see green used sparingly within interiors however this feature wall colour, which I believe is Nordic Forest by Valspar, creates a very calming effect as you walk into the room. The exposed wooden floorboards and side tables create a cosy woodland feel, toned down with the neutral bedding and the large rug.

Interior design bedroom photo with a woodland theme


Designers spend a lot of time thinking about colour and as an interiors photographer I have to respect this. I therefore use a passport colour checker to ensure the colours seen in the end photos match the colours the designers used. A well calibrated monitor will also aid in replicating the correct colours in post-editing.

Photographer with colour checker


At the opposite side of the room was newly fitted storage, bathed in soft natural light. I placed a speed to the left of the bed, set to low power and shot through an umbrella just to help emphasise the direction of the natural light and to give some extra colour saturation. The sidelight on the doors helps to add depth to the panels. The warm wooden floor also acts as a bridge, bringing the bed and storage units together nicely.

Light grey fitted storage space in bedroom, bathed in soft light


The room really leant itself as a stage for companies to promote their products which is why the Interior Designer asked if I could photograph this wooden tray for one of their suppliers.

Wooden breakfast tray on corner of bed with croissant and tea


The upstairs home office was a delight to photograph due to the single source of natural light and the neutral tones used by the designer. The desaturated green leaves from the plants, the side light from the window and teasing of colour from the book spines creates a pleasant environment with which to work from. The window shutters work really well by letting in sufficient levels of light, but also offering some privacy too, should you accidentally fall asleep on the sofa.

Home office with grey sofa and desk


As with the bedroom, this sofa worked well as a backdrop for a product supplied by one of the designer’s contacts.


The living room / dining area I left till last as the interior designer was still finishing some last bits of staging. I knew I needed to fit in the sofa and arm chair which I believe were from MADE, but I also wanted to hint at the dining table to the right, which shows up more in the next photo.

Living room space with red and green suede seating


Taken from the front door looking back showing the feature wallpaper, which i believe is called Lotus and from Farrow & Ball. There is a lot going on in this space so I shot the room at 24mm to allow for the designer to crop the image afterwards for use across social media.

Living room and dining area space


A pop of the speed light to give some fill flash over the table and to help bring out the wallpaper.

Photographer lighting an interior scene


Then finally a shot of some products supplied by the designer which in some way summed up how smoothly the shoot went.

Photo of champagne, flowers and chocolates on table


This project was estimated on a cost per photo basis, meaning I had agreed beforehand with the interior designer how many photos would be taken. I find this easier than a day rate, as it is more reflective of the time I spend on a job and allows my clients to budget more effectively. What also made this shoot go so smoothly was that I had already worked out the angles and lighting requirements prior to arriving at the location, since the designer was supplying me with photos of the project as it was being worked on. Planning is key to ensuring a shoot goes well and the more familiar you can be with the location before the shoot the better.

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