The process

When you enquire about a photography commission, it is best to provide me with a general overview about your business and your photography requirements. I will then send you a link to a briefing form where you can describe your project in more detail and advise on how you intend to use the images. The more information I have, the easier it will be for me to to provide you with an estimated fee. Once we have agreed a fee, I will then issue you with an invoice where a deposit amount would need to be paid prior to the date of the shoot. Upon completion of the shoot, the images will then be post-processed and supplied to you in both low and high resolution format for you to download and start using.

Estimated fees

Working with a diverse range of clientele all with different project briefs and image requirements, means every commission is unique, therefore a fee for each project is estimated accordingly. For jobs where many photos are required, where you may prefer me to use my own creativity whilst on location or where the brief is quite flexible, then a day rate may be better suited, which could be spread over several days if required. For jobs where the brief is tighter, for example where a specific quantity of images are required or where subjects need to be photographed in a particular way, then a pricing per image approach may be more relevant.

My estimated fee includes planning, creative, post-processing, usage licence and any expenses; this means you will know the total estimated cost to allow you to use the images. Any expenses relating to the shoot such as travel, accommodation, models and equipment hire for example are payable upfront with the deposit prior to the day of the shoot.

A site recce is available and can be costed into my estimated fee should you prefer for me to preview a location beforehand, which in some cases I may advise on, if I feel it will be beneficial. Sometimes this is a good idea if the job will be complex, or if I need to scout suitable locations with which to shoot external aspects of architecture from. Location recce’s can also allow for estimates to be better fine-tuned where additional costs, expenses or time needed on location may have been overlooked.


Licensing is the norm within commercial photography and all images that I supply come with a standard usage licence which is included within my estimate fee. If you require more flexible usage with the images across digital and print media, for a longer period or across multiple territories for example, then the licence fee can be negotiated to suits your needs. Should you opt for the standard usage licence, but then decide at a later date that you require more flexible usage, then I can issue you an additional licence based on your new usage requirements, that way you are only paying for the use of the images that you need.

If you are new to commissioning photographers and the subject of licensing then further information can be found at the Association Of Photographers website using the links below.


To discuss your photography brief or to request further information please get in touch.